About Dr. Michael L. Johnson


Appleton, Wisconsin, population 72,000. It is here, in this small community in northeast Wisconsin, that a revolution and transformation of the chiropractic profession, extending to practices throughout North America has begun....in a thriving practice featuring revolutionary, breakthrough treatments for chronic-condition patients.


The man at its helm is Dr. Michael L. Johnson, a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist. He has been in private practice since 1983, he is the founder and director of the National Thyroid Institute, he founded one of the first true multi-disciplinary clinics in the United States, and he is the author of the book “What Do You Do When The Medications Won’t Work?” His second book, You Can Beat Cancer! is due to be released on July 11, 2012 and his third book, The Thyroid Epidemic...How to End Your Thyroid Nightmare Using Natural Protocols!, will be released on September, 1, 2012!


Dr. Johnson has taught over 1500 chiropractors and he is increasingly in demand as a counselor and coach to chiropractors nationwide. In 2011, he formed the Neuro-Metabolic Super Group which is a group of doctors dedicated to healing patients with severe and/or chronic health conditions.


At least once a month, Dr. Johnson has a group of doctors visiting him in Appleton, to observe the operation of his clinic and gain clinical insights. His JOHNSON METHOD (2.0) is the fastest growing combined training, coaching and support program around, marrying clinical breakthroughs and practice development. His unique online message board and forum (www.txfibro.com) provides doctors using THE JOHNSON METHOD (2.0) opportunity to exchange information and support each other – a place to share and have their patient’s share – treatment successes and experiences. It is also a means of educating consumers about neuro-metabolically based, multi-disciplinary therapies.


Dr. Johnson lives in Sherwood, Wisconsin with his wife, Michele, and their five children.


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