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10-15-11Peripheral NeuropathyMy name is Elizabeth(Libby) from Jackson. I have some good news for those of you who suffer from...NView Testimonial
8-9-11Peripheral NeuropathyDr. Winstead's patients tell of their recovery from the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy....YView Testimonial
9-21-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaWith Spinal Decompression, I didn't have to have injections or surgery!!...YView Testimonial
9-21-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaDr. Winstead used Spinal Decompression to relieve my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Low Back Pain!...YView Testimonial
2-13-10Neck PainAm finally able to sleep in my bed after 4 years in the recliner!...YView Testimonial
2-9-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaFrom Wheelchair to Walking and Driving!...YView Testimonial
2-5-10Arm/Shoulder PainPain is Gone!...YView Testimonial
1-6-10Lower Back Pain/SciaticaBack Pain Relieved!...YView Testimonial
12-25-09Lower Back Pain/Sciatica100% Better!...YView Testimonial
12-25-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaI can pick up my 3 year old again!...YView Testimonial