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12-23-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaLow Back Pain Relieved!...YView Testimonial
12-23-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaSpinal Decompression Gave Me My Life Back!...YView Testimonial
7-15-09Neck PainThirty years ago I got a severe whiplash injury. The medical doctors and neurologists said I...NView Testimonial
7-15-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaMy major complaint has been lower back pain, muscle tension-stress related, and migraine headaches....NView Testimonial
7-15-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaMy back and legs hurt and I could not sleep on my right side at all. As a result of Dr. Winstead's...NView Testimonial
7-15-09Migraine HeadacheMy major complaints are Rhuematoid Arthritis, Migraine headaches and siezures. I have had epilepsy...NView Testimonial
7-15-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaMy major complaint was my back and right leg swelled and hurt badly. I had a history of back...NView Testimonial
7-15-09Lower Back Pain/SciaticaBack in June '07, I came to Dr. Winstead's office on crutches. I could not walk on my own. My back...NView Testimonial